Knoxville Regional Livestock Auction LLC

Knoxville Regional

Our History

In the early 1930's, Carl Bingley and Doc Goode operated a livestock auction at the Marion County Fairgrounds in Knoxville, Iowa.

In 1934, Carl built a new facility on the north edge of Knoxville and opened the Bingley Sale Co. After Carl's death his son Park Bingley owned and operated the Bingley Sale Co. until 1984. In 1984 the facility was sold to the City of Knoxville.

In that same year, Ted Dykstra (who had been with Park since he was 16 years old) built a new facility south of Knoxville on Hwy #5, which was known as Bingley Dykstra Sale Co.

In 2000, C.D. Huffman and Bub Hoskins purchased the business from Ted and renamed it Knoxville Regional Livestock Market.

Bub and Jeff Ewing purchased C.D.'s interests in 2004 and continued to operate as Knoxville Regional Livestock Market. In 2006, Joe Wright became a partner and the market continues to grow.

We are very proud to offer one of the finest facilities in this region, which will accommodate over 4,000 head, along with a qualified staff to serve our valuable customers.