Knoxville Regional Livestock Auction LLC




11:00 am Bred Heifers/Bred Cows

Knoxville Regional Livestock Auction LLC

1583 Hwy 5 South

Knoxville, Iowa 50138

Special Bred Cow and Heifer Sale

11:00am Bred Heifers

Saturday Feb 4th

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Kruse Farms-40 Single Source Black Commercial Angus Heifers (Montata Origin) sired by Vermilion Bulls bred safe to L.B.W. Black Angus Bulls Sons of Ellingson Homegrown. Ultrasounded due to start calving March 5th for 20 days. Complete Vaccination including 2 rounds scour bos, Purina mineral program. Excellent disposition

Randy and Andy Denburger-24 Black Simmental Angus sired by High Point Genetics AI’d to Stevens Turning Point Bulls due March 10th cleaned up with High Point Genetics Bulls. Complete Vaccinated including scour guard. Nice set of heifers with a excellent disposition



B and J Farms-50 Black BWF Cows 3-5 years old bred to Angus or Hereford Bulls due March 15th Complete Vaccination

Nielsen Farms-40 Black BWF few Red Cows 3-5 years old bred to Leachman Simmental Angus Bulls due April 1st for 45 days. Complete Vaccination 

Jim Jensen-30 Black BWF Cows 7-SS bred to Angus Simmental Bull due March 10th Complete Vaccination

John Gibson-25 Black BWF Cows 3-6 years old bred to Angus Bull due March 1st  Cows vaccinated with lepto vibrio, multi-men and on  purina mineral.

Scott Ryan-5 Hereford Fleck Veih Cross Cows 3 years old and 5 Black and Red Cows 6-SS all Cows bred to Angus Bulls all due April 15th

Keith VanWaardhuizen-6 Black BWF Cows 4 & 5 years old bred Angus due May

Mike Gilbert-6 Black Cows 6-10 years old bred Charolais




Cattle Sale

Tuesday Feb 7th

Special Cattle Sale

Tuesday Feb 14th