Knoxville Regional Livestock Auction LLC




11:00am Feeders/ Weigh Ups to Follow

Knoxville Regional Livestock Auction LLC

1583 Hwy 5 South

Knoxville, Iowa 50138

Special Cattle Sale 

Tuesday Jan 31

11:00 Feeders/Weigh ups to follow

Watch sale online @ for complete listing



Chad and Bree Lobbrecht-80 Black S/H 550-650 G.T and L.T.W

Nearmyer Corp-57 Black and Red Cross S/H 600-700 G.T and L.T.W.

Noftsger Farms-40 Black Charolais Cross S/H 550-700 Twice Vaccinated and L.T.W.

Chad Clark-35 Mostly Black S/H 500-625 G.T Twice and L.T.W.

John Murphy-33 Black S/H 500-600 Twice Vaccinated and L.T.W.

Josh Schneider-25 Black S/H 600-650 G.T and L.T.W   NO IMPLANTS

Gerald Murphy-25 Black S/H 500-700 G.T and L.T.W.

Dale Storm-20 Charolais Red Cross STEERS 650-700 Gold Tagged and L.T.W.

Brett Hoskins-20 Black S/H 600-700 Twice Vaccinated and L.T.W.

Richard Willer-20 Black S/H 500-750 G.T and L.T.W  NO IMPLANTS

Ralph Lobbrecht-19 Mostly Black and Red S/H 500-650 G.T and L.T.W


Special Bred Cow and Heifer Sale

Saturday Feb 4th

Special Cattle Sale

Tuesday Feb 7