Knoxville Regional Livestock Auction LLC




Special Bred Cow, Heifer, Pair and Bull Sale

Bred Heifers @ 11:00am Bred Cows to follow

Knoxville Regional Livestock Auction LLC

1583 Hwy 5 South

Knoxville, Iowa 50138

 Special Bred Cow, Heifer and Pair Sale

Tuesday May 25 ,2021          

Breeding Bulls @ 11:00am

Heifer Pairs & Breds 

Weigh Ups to follow

Barn will be open to deliver cattle

Sunday 1:00 to 7:00pm

Monday 8:00 to 8:00pm

Watch sale online @

Selling all classes of cattle every Tuesday!!!


Garrett Schultz-50 Fancy Vermillion Ranch Western Origin 1st calf heifer pairs consisting of

(25) w/ AI Sired Connealy Countdown February 20-28th born calves. Calves will weigh 175#+

(25) w/ AI Sired Connealy Countdown March 10-20th born calves. Big-Stout Calves

All calves were given 7-way, naselgen & pyramid 5 + presponse shots-bulls calves banded

Tagged to Match-Ready to turn out! 

All Heifers originated off 1-iron Vermillion Genetic Ranch-Homeraised-Billings, Montana

Complete Vaccination & Mineral Program-A top set of heifer pairs ready to work for you!


Farner Family Ranch Co.- 40 Fancy Western Angus 3-6 Year Old Cows w/ big, stout month-6 week old calves @ side.

Calves had vista once and 7-way- Tagged to Match- Cows on complete Vacc & Mineral Program! TOP SET!