Knoxville Regional Livestock Auction LLC




Special Cattle Sale

11:00am Feeders/ Weigh Ups to Follow

Knoxville Regional Livestock Auction LLC

1583 Hwy 5 South

Knoxville, Iowa 50138

 Special Feeder Calf & Yearling Auction

Tuesday May 18 ,2021          

Feeders @ 11:00am

Weigh Ups to follow

Barn will be open to deliver cattle

Sunday 1:00 to 7:00pm

Monday 8:00 to 8:00pm

Watch sale online @

Selling all classes of cattle every Tuesday!!!



Bay Farms-130 Black Yearling STEERS 800 Twice Vaccinated

Dan Wallace-35 Black Charolais Cross S/H 450-600 Twice Vaccinated and L.T.W.

Stock Farms Limited-30 Black S/H 400-500 Twice Vaccinated and L.T.W.

Rod Evitt-25 Black STEERS 500-600 Twice Vaccinated and L.T.W. 

Curtis James-25 Black S/H 550-650 G.T and L.T.W.

Clark Farms-20 Black S/H 500-600 Twice Vaccinated and L.T.W

Nick Sulser-17 Black S/H 500-600 Twice Vaccinated and L.T.W.

James Ambers-15 Black S/H 450-600 Vaccinated

Dan Wichhart-11 Black HEIFERS 650 Twice Vaccinated and L.T.W.

Michael and Lindsey Lenger-9 Black BWF S/H 450-600 G.T and L.T.W.

Mike Roe-5 Black S/H 550-650 Vaccinated 


Special Bred Cow, Heifer, Pair and Bull Sale

Tuesday May 25th


Special Cattle Sale

Tuesday June 1st