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05-26-20 Special Bred Cow,Pair and Bull Sale
8:00am Weigh Ups/11:00am Bulls  

Knoxville Regional Livestock Market

1583 Hwy 5 South

Knoxville, Iowa


Special Bred Cow, Bull and Pair Sale

Tuesday May 26

Weigh Ups 8:00am

Bulls 11:00am



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Meredith Angus-1 P.B. Angus Bull 2 years old  65#bw sired by S Whitlock 179

Steve Shelley-1 Red Angus Bull yearling 82#bw Brown Premier Breeding Genetics

Larry McKnight-1 Black Simmental Bull 2 years old 76#bw

Willie Black-2 Hereford Bulls 16 months old 75 and 85#bw  Ready to go to work

Circle T Farms-(1)  5/8 Simmental 3/8 Angus Bull yearling

Brad Schermer-3 P.B. Angus Bulls 18 months sired by Grandson Bar Stow Cash all calving ease bulls 70-75#bw

Brayton Angus- 4 P.B. Angus Bulls 18 months old sired by Connealy Conquest 68-72# bw  calving ease

Gorsch Red Angus -4 Red Angus Bulls  1 bull sired by Above and Beyond 20 months old 71#bw and 3 yearlings sired by New Direction and Profit Builder 76-80#bw

Allen Henry-3 P.B. Angus Bulls 2 years old all light bw

West Wind Red Angus-1 Red Angus Bull 2 years old  82#bw  Deep End Son

DeTar Farms-1 Angus Bull 2 years old 61#bw sired by KCF Bennett Citation

Mark Matlage-2 Angus 70% and Limousin 30% Bulls yearlings. Leih Limousin and TC Angus Ranch bloodlines

Travis Hamilton-1 Red Angus Bull  4 years old 70#bw sired by Full Throttle and 1 Red Simmental Bull 2 years old Cason Simmental breeding.

Randy Golighty-2 Hereford Bulls 2 years old 75#bw sons of Catapult

John Murphy-1 Simmental Angus Bull 3 years old 

Balles-2 Angus Bulls 2 years old and 1 Red Angus Bull 2 years old  




Triple C Farms-Herd Dispersal of 100 Large Frame Black BWF Simmental Angus Cows 4-Aged with Big Simmental Angus Calves @ side. Tagged to match, sired by Werning and Sandeen Simmental Angus Bulls

Ray Eash-20 Black Cows 4-6 years old with calves @ side.  Tagged to match

Wade Handeland-17 Black BWF Cows 7 & 8 years old with calves @ side.

Steve Shelley-10 Heifer Pairs 5 Black and 5 Red Angus with calves @ side. Tagged to match. Calves had 7 way with Pinkeye. Great disposition.

Seth and Alexa Meyer-10 Charolais Red Angus Cross Cows 3-7 years old with month old calves @ side.  Complete vaccination on calves and bulls have been castrated.  Long Range

Dwight VanWeelden-10 Cows 3-10 years old there will be 6 Hereford Cows and 4 Simmental Angus Cows  with Black Calves @ side. Tagged to match. Cows had master guard 10, wormed and poured. Calves vaccinated with 7-way with pinkeye and vista 1.  On a vitaferm mineral program

Bailey Brothers-10 Charolais Cross Cows 5-SS with calves @ side. Tagged to match

Steve Hoehns-9 Black Cows 3-6 years old with  month old Black BWF Calves @ side. Tagged to match

Steve VandeKamp-5 Red Angus Heifers with Black Calves @ side Tagged to match

Jeremy Rankin-5 Black Cows 6-8 years old with calves @ side




Bill Greenlee-39 Mostly Black Cows 3-7 years old bred Angus due NOW  few calves by sale day

Ray Eash-25 Black Cows 4-6 years old bred Angus Bulls due NOW

Terry and Cheryl England-25 Red Angus Cows 4-10 years old bred Red Angus Bulls due summer

Troy Ferrari-21 Black Cows 4-7 years old bred Angus due NOW  Good disposition

Josh Schneider-18 Black Cows 5-SS bred Angus due NOW

Chris McCormick-15 Black Heifers to 6 years old bred to High Point Genetics Bull  Heifers due July and Cows due August 20th

Chrisman Family Farms-12 Black Cows 5-SS bred to Werner Angus Bulls due Summer 

Jeb Weaver-12 Black Cows 4-6 years old bred Angus or Charolais due  NOW

CM Farms-10 Black Heifers bred Angus or Hereford Bulls calving NOW

Mark Matlage-4 Angus Cows 3 & 4 years old bred Angus due late summer /early fall



Special Cattle Sale

Tuesday June 2







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